Shaved Penis – 6 Benefits


The shaved penis or the unshaved penis: That’s a decision every man makes about how to handle the mound of pubic hair that he carries around starting as a teenager. Certainly, proper penis care enters into the decision; for example, some believe that a shaved penis is an itchy one, and may not know how to manage that aftereffect. So perhaps it’s a good idea to take a look at the benefits of the shaved penis.

What About the Unshaved?

Clearly, there are benefits to not shaving the crotch; however, since most men are already familiar with these, this article will dispense with going into the “pros” of keeping an untrimmed pubic bush.

The Benefits

The shaved penis is by no means a modern trend; men have been depluming their crotches for centuries. However, it seems that the occurrence of trimmed groins in men has increased in recent years.

Why the increased interest? Well, a partial list of benefits to a shaved penis includes:

– Better hygiene. When the crotch is overflowing with pubic hair, it adds heat to an already-overheated area of the body. The fact that the penis is kept under two layers of clothing by itself creates a warmth factor. Location of the genitals where the legs join the torso creates a situation whereby the genitals are often nestled on top of or slightly between the legs, which also creates more heat. The last thing that is needed is a mass of hair to add even more heat. With no pubic hair, the crotch is a little cooler and therefore not quite as sweaty. That also means one is less likely to accumulate bacteria – although by no means does it free the organ from bacteria altogether!

– A more impressive tool. Look, everyone knows that guys are anxious to have the biggest tool possible – even when they know full well that skill and health are more important for long-term sexual satisfaction than a larger member. Still, there’s a psychological benefit to seeing a bigger penis standing proud and tall when a guy looks in the mirror. Shaving the crotch in no ways makes the penis bigger; however, with no hair hiding the base of the organ, one’s manhood does give the impression that it has gained a bit in the length department.

– No painful pulls. One of the drawbacks of pubic hair is that it tends to get caught in things. When it catches on the zipper, for example, it can be quite painful. Sometimes a stray pube will wrap around the organ while it is soft and then get painfully pulled as the member becomes excited and rises.

– No messy urination. On occasion, a pubic hair will fall across the opening of the penis; if a man is unaware of this fact, the hair can “split” the urine stream, causing annoying and messy spraying to occur.

– New sensations. A “bald” penis creates new tactile sensations for both its owner and his partner. A man can experience the feel of his partner’s pubic hair cushioning his now-denuded groin or, if the partner is also shaved, experience direct skin-on-skin sensations that may be new to him.

– Ease of inspection. Men need to regularly check their equipment to make sure that it is in proper health. The removal of all that hair can make the job easier. Running the hand along a smooth, naked groin enables a man to more easily feel any lumps or bumps; in addition, it’s easier to spot dry, flaky skin or other dermatological issues that may be developing.

Now would be a good time to start using a top-notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A shaved penis will especially like a cream rich in moisturizers, such as Shea butter and vitamin E; these hydrating ingredients can alleviate the itchy penis that sometimes results immediately after shaving. Make sure the selected cream also includes alpha lipoic acid; this powerful antioxidant offsets the harmful oxidative process in penis cells, delaying a wrinkled look that can mar an otherwise handsome tool.


Source by John Dugan