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The use environment of radiators for construction machinery is very bad. Product application fields cover construction machinery, air compressor, generator, railway locomotive, agricultural machinery, wind power, heavy truck, medical equipment, hydraulic equipment, petroleum equipment and other industries.

Product Details

Heat is both an enemy and a friend to a car. The engine, gearbox, brakes and tires all have an appropriate working temperature. Too cold or too hot will affect their performance. In order to keep these components in the best condition, a lot of heat dissipation, heat resistance and heat resistance devices are designed on the body. Generally, the cooling system of the original vehicle can only meet the daily needs. If it is driven for a long time or the power is greatly increased, it is difficult to meet the heat dissipation requirements.

Power system cooling modification

The power system of the vehicle will generate a lot of heat when it is working. The temperature of the intake air will rise after being supercharged. . In order to cope with the heat, the original factory designed heat dissipation devices such as water tanks and intercoolers. When the power is modified and the performance is greatly improved, more heat will be generated. The working efficiency of the original heat dissipation system cannot meet the demand, so The cooling system needs to be upgraded.

We are dedicated to producing high quality heat transfer equipment to ensure the efficient and stable use of radiators in harsh environments. We uses advanced production technology. We can produce OEM radiators for car modification.