Save Money and Energy With Window Blinds


Energy efficient window blinds can mean some serious savings in your home. Did you know that 10% to 25%of your utility bill is affected by your window and blind choice? Choosing energy efficient blinds mean you can save money each and every month.

Natural Gas Causing Americans Hardship
Many environmental agencies have reported that the price of natural gas and heating oil can create undue hardships on Americans. However, research also shows that you can do small improvements around your home to save money each year.

Recommended Improvements
o Sealing all windows and doors from leaks.
o Installing a programmable thermostat (and setting the temps to match when you are home.)
o Install Energy efficient window blinds or shades.

Blinds and Shades Keep House Cooler During Summer
Studies have shown that when you install blinds in your home, you can reduce heat from the sun by as much as 45%. You might not think it just by looking, but wood blinds and faux wood blinds are perfect for this job. They allow the breeze from outside in while blocking the sun. In addition, they keep the heat in during winter.

Cellular Shades Save Energy
The Department of Energy says that if you install window shades properly, it is the easiest way to save energy. Honeycomb shades’ (cellular shades’) main attraction is the energy conservation. The unique design traps air in to insulate the house. In addition, you can buy honeycomb shades that match the amount of light you want to let in. You can get blackout shades all the way to solar shades, which block the sun but not the view.

Tips for Proper Blind Use
You can maximize your energy conservation by following a few simple tips.
o Winter – Open south-facing shades or blinds to get more heat.
o Summer – Keep blinds closed during the day to block out the hot sun.
o Nighttime – Keep your blinds closed to prevent loss of heat.

Finding the Right Blinds
When you start looking for the right blinds, start your search online. Not only is it easier to shop and compare online, but you can also compare energy efficient blinds. Choose the right blinds and you can get a Federal Tax Credit. Not all energy efficient blinds qualify for the credit but if you look online, you will be able to tell which ones do and which ones don’t. Then you can make your choice based on fact and not opinion.


Source by Chris R. Stanley