Oil Palm Male Flower


Can BioEnrich resolve oil palm trees from producing male flower problem?

Today, there is a growing trend of oil palm tree producing male flower. This phenomenon is becoming more common and problematic. It caused a significant drop of yield and decreased farmers’ income because male flower does not produce any fruit bunch. Over the past 40 years, this problem is not prevalent. Why this phenomenon is getting common? Is there any solution to counter this problem?

An oil palm tree produces more male flower for a simple reason. It does not get enough nutrients as needed. Tree is a living object, and it reacts according to the problems encountered. Since the tree cannot get sufficient nutrient from its current rooting system, soil condition or overall environment factor to produce fruit bunch, it will accordingly “give up” and starts producing male flower.

Male flower phenomenon happens in the situation stipulated as below:

i) Acidic and harden soil – While acidic soil can stop root development, harden soil will block root hair from nutrients intake. Furthermore, harden soil cannot keep water. As a result, trees are not getting adequate water and nutrients.

ii) Hilly land – Generally soil erosion is extensive in slopes and terrain compared to undulating and flat land. All fertilizer applied will easily flushed away by rain water if no measures are taken to prevent or control soil erosion at steeply sloping land. This caused the soil “unfertilized”. Besides, slope land usually cannot retain water. The most important thing for an oil palm tree to grow healthy is the quality of soil and water where they are put in. If the tree does not get enough water for weeks or months, it will produce male flower.

iii) Good oil palm trees have big tree trunks and can generate higher yield. Unfortunately, when soil has already been depleted of its natural nutrients and micro-organisms, the tree will produce male flower. The problem arises not because of the species, but the soil condition. You must always set up a very good soil condition so that this “big eater” species can consume enough nutrients and produce more fruit bunch.

iv) Replanting land. Coconut and oil palm belongs to the same family and they require similar nutrients for growth. If the same crop or a similar type belonging to the same family is grown in the same land for a long period, it will suffer from the accumulated pests and diseases from the previous crop(s) and may not grow well. This will result in soil problems. When a tree lack of few essential trace elements, the tree growth will be affected and thus male flower is produced. This explained why all virgin land has no serious male flower issues.

Male flower is not a disease. It just a symptom reflected by the trees. When the quality of soil condition and water is improved, this phenomenon will subsequently diminish. The next generation is basic instinct of all living things in the world, a living will not simply sacrifice it ability for next generation provided the mother life is not in harm. This is just the rule of nature.

Conclusion: BioEnrich able to enhanced soil fertility and restoring soil ph naturally, thus is able to resolve oil palm from producing male flower.


Source by Patrick Yeoh