Experts Share 10 Natural Tips For Your Hair This Winter


I Hope these Tips will make your Winter more bearable and you and your hair will have a wonderful healthy winter. A few simple tricks can make winter not seem so long and harsh.

The number One slot for survival in the winter months is Moisture. Use Moisturizer in the cooler season to protect your hair. Use intense reconditioning products in the winter at least twice a week this will help to combat the dry heat we use indoors as the temperature drops.

Number Two slot is taken by, regulator trims or hair cuts for your dead split ends, this is a must for healthy hair. If split ends go untreated they could become a bigger problem later.

Number Three – Rinse hairs with cool or cold water to close your cuticle and seal in moisture.

Number Four – Extreme temperatures for your hair spells trouble… Too cold or to hot is not healthy for you hair. Try not to use very hot curling irons on your hair or sit too close to the air vents and let the heat blow on your hair it could dry it out. Cold air could cause your hair to freeze and break, Be cautious.

Number Five tip – Do not over shampoo your hair. The winter is the perfect time to let our hair rest from over shampooing. You’re not at the beach getting too much sun tan oil in your hair or perspiration; let your hair go longer between shampoos, your hair will thank you.

Tip number Six – It is a good idea to change you shampoo and conditioner every few weeks. Just as your body can become immune to certain medications, your hair can become less responsive to the same shampoo week after week. Just change it up a little.

Tip number Seven – Do not over work your hair with too much product, too much of a good thing is a bad idea. Too much gel or mouse can weigh your hair down. Too much hair spray can leave it dry and brittle.

Tip number Eight is a more specific tip for gray hair. Gray hair can be harder to color, but can be done. The main thing you need to remember is most packaged hair colors come with 20 volume peroxide and you need to use 5 or 10 volume to deposit color. Just change that one thing and you can cover the gray in your hair. Then moisturize for the winter after every chemical you use on your hair.

Number Nine – During Winter Months one may want to go a shade darker with your hair color. You usually lose some of your tan and you defiantly change the colors you wear in clothing, so make a subtle change in your hair color. Maybe one shade deeper to go with your new fall wardrobe.

Tip Number Ten is always a big problem in the winter months: that is static. The age old tip of spraying your brush lightly with hair spray Still rings true today. It is a great way to get rid of the fly away hair we all have trouble with in the cooler months.

I hope these tips will make your winter a little more bearable. These are all tried and true methods of curing the blues of Winter. Happy Hair Days.


Source by Patricia A. Rowland