Cleaning Theatre Seating


One thing that you know for certain is that theatre seating will have to be cleaned regularly. You will more than likely have to do a daily cleaning on this furniture and then a weekly deep cleaning to keep it looking good and smelling good.

Popcorn oil, spilled soda, gum, and all of the other things that can get on the surface of theatre seating during the course of a movie wreak havoc with the way the item looks and smells you can cover some of the looks up by buying dark colored pieces and keeping the lighting inside the room dim. The smell is a little harder to mask.

The smell of old greases and sweat from bodies can quickly turn a cinema into an awful place to be. Keeping the theatre seating clean will eliminate the majority of these odors. You will also want to sweep and mop under the seats on a daily basis and keep the carpeting that runs up and down the aisles cleaned as well.

You will need a good hand vacuum to use on the cloth covered theatre seating in your cinema. Every day you should have an employee take the hand held vacuum into the theater and vacuum all loose particles from the cushions of the chairs. They need to pay extremely close attention to the cracks and crevices when they are performing this task.

You should have an employee wipe the arm rest between the individual chairs down with a disinfecting solution on a daily basis. These chair arms become sticky with spilled soda and the oils from human hands. They also become extremely dirty. Wiping them down will improve the look and smell of the room as well as reduce the number of bacteria that are waiting for a human host to enter.

You need to have a steam cleaning apparatus that you can use on the seats one a week or once a month. The steam cleaning of the furniture will need to perform on a day the cinema is closed or late in the evening so that the furniture will have time to dry before the next movie shows on the screen.

You can sprinkle baking soda on the carpeting and on the seats late in the evening after all movie watchers have went home. The following morning you can vacuum the baking soda up before the movie watchers arrive. Baking soda removes odors leaving the room smelling better.

You can use disinfectant spray each evening when the movie watchers have left. As part of your evening cleaning ritual you can spray the chairs with disinfecting spray to kill germs and bacteria. This will reduce the chances that anyone will get sick because they were in your theater.

Most cinemas keep the temperature inside very low to help inhibit bacteria growth as well. Bacteria do not do as well in cool temperatures and people stay calmer when they are cool. The cooler temperatures will also reduce the odors in the room.


Source by Ador Talukdar