Buying Tips On Old Trucks for Sale


If you are planning to shop for old trucks, it is important for you to know what things you should look for. It should be noted that one need not have to be an expert mechanic when buying a good old truck.

Where to look

There are different means of looking for old trucks meant for sale. One can find these trucks beside the highway with the sale signs stuck in the windshields. Often the owners of these trucks keep the price low just to get rid of them. Another means of finding these trucks is looking through used cars lots to search for a good deal on these cars.

Online shopping is a great way to shop with more options available for finding a good old pickup. One should however be fast as there are too many suitors vying online.

What to look for

There are certain things that would help you to know if the right vehicle is found. The overall condition of the vehicle might help you understand what for the vehicle has been used. The presence of dents is an indication of construction or farm work. And if there are heavy bumper of winch, it indicates hauling of logging of heavy loads.

In general, if good care is taken of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, the transmission and engine must have received appropriate care. On the contrary, a good looking vehicle does not guarantee a perfect set of wheels.

What to look out for

To buy a useful and legal old truck, you should check that the VIN code at the bottom on the side of the driver’s windscreen is same as the VIN code present on the registration and title papers. You should also check the ignition to detect any tampering which indicates a stolen vehicle.

Check the bed of the truck. If it is smashed bed metal and large dents, there are good chances of carrying heavy loads like dropping of heavy logs or loading of cattle. Look below for rotting or rusting of metal on the frame or undercarriage.

Check the battery cables of the hood and find out if it is clean or rigged up. See if the radiator fluid (when cool) is chocolate colored or rusty. The color of radiator coolant should have bright green color. However the presence of rusty water indicates an engine that remained in dormant state for a long time. If it is muddy brown, there are good chances of oil leak that needs a replacement of head gasket. One should also check the oil dipstick to see if it is latte color, creamy remains showing the oil level. Foamy white discoloration of oil reflects the presence of water leak in the block, which could be a bad head or bad head gasket.

Finally, make a start, drive the truck and listen if the motor fires smoothly or jumps and sputters. Steering needs to be tight and not sloppy. There should be quick response of the brakes while there should not be any slip of the transmission when shifting gears or starting off.


Source by Scott Lee