Body machine remote location underground metal detector Texa god scanning search instrument to detect gold silver copper gems

Body machine remote location underground metal detector Texa god scanning search instrument to detect gold silverBody machine remote location underground metal detector Texa god scanning search instrument to detect gold silverBody machine remote location underground metal detector Texa god scanning search instrument to detect gold silverBody machine remote location underground metal detector Texa god scanning search instrument to detect gold silverBody machine remote location underground metal detector Texa god scanning search instrument to detect gold silver
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This instrument is a perfect combination of field archaeology and scientific theory. It has a high-quality remote search system and a precise positioning detection system. It breaks through the conventional detection methods. It uses a micro electric processor to control chip unit calibration and instrument self inspection system, which can easily and quickly scan and detect, greatly improving the work efficiency of treasure hunters and reducing the labor intensity of detection. It is currently advanced, practical Economical metal detection instruments.

Main features of the product:

1. Strong product kernel, intelligent modular operation

2. Powerful+convenient+efficiency+speed

3. Easy to use, quick to use, advanced and efficient

Detection depth

Large detection depth: about 20m

This instrument can detect at least 3.5 meters for a 5 cm * 5 cm object.

For a 30cm * 30cm object, it can detect 5-8m. If an object of this size is buried for a long time, it can reach 20m.

The larger the area of the object, the deeper its detection depth will be.

Specific functions

It can accurately determine the buried position of the object and locate it.

It can also identify the specific type of metal by the frequency regulator.

Search system: microcomputer processor control and reflection conductivity

Search range: 1000 meters

Detection depth: 20m

Energy: 12V 1600mAh

Transmission frequency: 5.6-6KHz

Signal frequency: 360-440Hz

Weight: 4KG

Detection type: gold, silver, copper, gem

Charging method: The instrument has been installed with rechargeable batteries, which can be charged by directly connecting to the charger. The charging time is 10-12 hours.

Power on test

Open Dexar

The main engine and the search instrument switch, and the work indicator on the search instrument will flash; When the copper gear is selected on the mainframe, the corresponding copper indicator on the search instrument will be on, and when other silver, gold, and gem gears on the mainframe are selected in turn, the corresponding indicator on the search instrument will be on.

If the gear is selected on the main unit, but the corresponding indicator on the search instrument is not on, the main unit and the search instrument may have insufficient power and need to be charged.

If the above conditions are normal, the instrument is normal and can be used with confidence.

Use of transmitter

Power is the power switch button (the switch should not be turned on when the instrument is not in use)

Please select the metal you want to detect according to the origin of the metal you want to detect

Note (two metals cannot be selected at the same time), otherwise the instrument will be damaged, resulting in no warranty

Use of host

Just turn the power switch on. Select the metal category according to the original on the transmitter to detect

Operation method

Hang the main unit vertically on your waist and try to keep it parallel to your legs. If you operate the search instrument with your right hand, hang it on your right waist. If you operate with your left hand, hang it on your left. Note: Remove mobile phones, key chains and other metal objects.

2. The correct use of the tracker:

The searcher tilts upward 1-3 degrees; When holding the searcher, clamp your body with your hands and do not shake; When walking, pay attention to the scanning speed. If the speed is slow and the movement is not enough, the instrument will not be polarized. If the speed is too fast, it will hinder the detection of objects;

Because the handle of the instrument will rotate freely, the wind will interfere with Dexxar. Therefore, when the instrument is used in the presence of wind, it will be subject to certain interference. The use effect of this instrument is closely related to the operator's control skills for scanning.

Choose a comfortable position to stand on the ground, hold the instrument with your hands, and keep your elbows close to both sides of your body. Note: You must keep the instrument in front of your body, so that the receiving antenna has enough space to expand, and the antenna is slightly tilted downward from the horizontal line. The angle is between 7 and 10 degrees.

True or False

2. As mentioned above, take the instrument and scan it slowly in an arc, while turning yourself. At this time, the detector's elbows should always be close to both sides of the body, and it is only necessary to turn 40 to 60 degrees. Note: The detector must rotate slowly and keep the body stable.

3. Standardize your scanning actions. First, let the receiving antenna extend correctly. Keep the receiving antenna right in front of you and spread it 90 degrees away from your body. Do not deflect it to the left and right.

When the antenna is aimed at the target, the instrument will be locked, although you will continue to detect across the target. When you think the lock is effective, you should remember this direction. Then, move the instrument about 10 meters to the left or right, and repeat the process of target locking just mentioned. Observe the locking direction this time. The intersection of the two directions is the burial position of the target.

5. If you think the specific position just measured has some deviation, you can lock it from another angle. If the target is within 10 meters, you should slowly and steadily follow one of the routes. When you pass the target and are right above it, the antenna of the instrument will swing on both sides. At this time, the measured position is very accurate.

Introduction to auxiliary detection methods

Block method

It is recommended to use the box method to narrow the search scope. This method can locate as accurately as possible. Approach the target from four directions to obtain accurate and equal response so as to accurately locate the target.

First place the target on the ground, then you can learn to adjust the product so that it points to the target direction. Therefore, a skilled operator will usually set the sample target, walk past the target placed on the ground, observe the hit rate, adjust the instrument, and then continue to search in parallel with the area after narrowing the target range with the cross method.

Once you follow this procedure, you can narrow the area to 20 feet or less. Then you can use a common metal detector to complete the work. Some people who are quite proficient in the use of this product can almost accurately locate the target point to the foot. To reach this level, it is recommended that you practice more frequently. (See the figure below)

When using this method to search in the target area, you should stand in the middle and front of the area and scan. The detector will show whether the searched substance or material is in the left or right half of the area. If the detection is carried out in the right half of the area, move to the center of this part and scan again. Through the second detection, the trained operator can determine the quarter circumference of the location of the material, the left half or the right half, and divide the area vertically. (See the figure below)


The Dexar tracker is an instrument with novel design and precise workmanship. This instrument will open the door of wealth for you and help you reach the peak of your career! The following suggestions will help you to use and cherish the instrument correctly and improve the use of the instrument

1、 Do not disassemble or modify the instrument.

2、 Try to avoid mobile phones or other metals near the instrument during operation.

3、 Please use this instrument under the temperature of 0 ° c-40 ° C and the humidity of 10-30%! 4、 Use wires, needles and other metal objects to short circuit the battery, and do not put the battery together with metal objects such as necklaces, or it will cause electric leakage, overheating, bursting and fire.

5、 Do not charge continuously for more than 24 hours. Please use 220V alternating current. Note: A new battery can only be effective after two or three cycles of full charging and discharging.

6、 Keep away from dust and dirt, which can cause corrosion and wear on parts. Regularly wipe the detector with a damp cloth to keep its appearance clean and fresh. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the product.

7、 Please do not put the water container next to the charger to avoid overheating, leakage or failure of the charger caused by water splashing.

8、 Do not put the instrument in these places for charging: the place where the sun shines directly; Where the external temperature is lower than 0 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃; Wet and dusty places; Places with great vibration; TV, etc