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the engine supercharger, the engine horsepower increase, the engine crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner, piston and other components are stressed, more importantly, the supercharger discharge air temperature is high, large air intake, directly to the engine intake pipe, easy to cause detonation, damage to the engine. High temperature gas also has a certain impact on the efficiency of the engine. First, the volume of air is large, which is equivalent to the engine suction air is less. And the second point is more important, high temperature air is particularly bad for engine combustion, power will be reduced, emissions will be bad. Under the same combustion conditions, the engine power will decrease by about 3% ~ 5% for every 10 ° C increase in the temperature of the pressurized air. This problem is very serious, the finally increased power will be offset by the air temperature is too high, in order to solve these problems, we need to pressurized air cooled again before feeding into the engine. And the component that does that is the intercooler. The intercooler cools the high temperature gas excluded by the supercharger to protect the engine and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the engine. The intercooler is usually only seen in a turbocharged car. According to specific requirements, the thickness and windward area of the intercooler can be increased to provide more efficient heat dissipation efficiency.

The intercooler produced by Soradiator is well received by the industry. Especially in heavy transport equipment intercooler production, Soradiator has unique intercooler production technology, can be extremely efficient cooling turbine exhaust high temperature gas. Soradiator can provide the original size intercooler for the aftermarket, but also can produce improved intercooler according to the specific needs of customers. The modified intercooler has a larger inlet pipe diameter than the original intercooler, which allows more air intake for the same situation. And the intercooler body using

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