how to flush a truck radiator?

The radiator is responsible for the cooling of the circulating water. Its water pipes and heat sinks are mostly made of aluminum. The aluminum water pipes are made into a flat shape, and the heat sink is corrugated. The wind resistance should be small and the cooling efficiency should be high.

Coolant flows inside the radiator core and air passes outside the radiator core. The hot coolant cools by dissipating heat to the air, and the cold air heats up by absorbing the heat dissipated by the coolant, so the radiator is a heat exchanger…………

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How should the radiator be cleaned?

When the surface of the car radiator is relatively dirty, it needs to be cleaned, generally once every 3W kilometers! Not cleaning will affect the water temperature and the cooling effect of the air conditioner in summer. However, there are steps to clean the radiator of the car, otherwise it will only fail. How to do it, let’s take a look!

In fact, cleaning the radiator of a car is not as complicated as imagined. On the contrary, it is very simple to operate. First, the grille needs to be removed, but because there are many models on the market, there are different styles in the design, and there are certain differences. After removing the grille in some models, the radiator is only exposed a little bit, so the radiator of this type of model is more time-consuming to clean and requires patience to clean it

Then there is the cleaning method, not the usual water cleaning, but the air pump. First check whether there are large debris such as branches and leaves on the surface of the radiator. Such debris can be cleaned directly by hand. Here again depends on the model, most of them can be directly blown out from the inside to blow out the dirt, which is very convenient. Some models can’t put the air pump inside, they can only blow from the outside. Blow it repeatedly a few times, until no dust comes out, you can basically be sure that the inside is clean.

Many people think that the surface of the car radiator is very clean after it has been disassembled, and there is no need to clean it at all. Actually, otherwise, everyone is fooled by its appearance, and the stains are all inside, which is invisible.

Post time: Aug-20-2022