Low carbon and environmental protection will become the future direction of heat exchanger technology innovation

With the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon energy saving has become the direction of the whole refrigeration industry. According to reporters, heat exchanger as a supporting product of the refrigeration industry, it is necessary to make a breakthrough in low-carbon energy saving.

Heat exchanger products, the higher the heat dissipation efficiency, the more obvious energy-saving effect. According to the air conditioning refrigeration market experts, the heat exchange efficiency of water-cooled heat exchanger is higher than that of air-cooled heat exchanger, such as shell and tube heat exchanger and tube heat exchanger heat exchange rate can reach 75%, plate heat exchanger because of the use of fluid heat dissipation way heat dissipation efficiency is higher, can reach 95%. Among the air-cooled heat exchangers, the “micro-channel, parallel flow” condenser, as a rookie in the two-device industry, has made a great breakthrough in low-carbon and energy saving. In fact, in the heat exchanger products, as long as the heat transfer efficiency of the product becomes higher, under the same refrigeration capacity, the volume of the product will be smaller, the amount of refrigerant will be reduced, the volume of the whole refrigeration system will be reduced accordingly. In air conditioning products, for example, two product volume small, the volume of air conditioning will be smaller, the shell of air conditioning, don’t need so many materials, to a certain extent, promote the social progress, “for the city’s high property prices, the volume of air conditioning products size is also a kind of Gospel, low carbon, energy saving, high efficiency in refrigeration industry will always be in place.” The personage inside course of study tells reporter.

Future heat exchanger innovation direction of product technology: saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emission and protecting environment has been the basic national policy of our country, fitting the policy to transform two heat exchanger products.

Post time: Aug-20-2022