How to improve the cooling effect of the cooler

1. A reasonable process design. Under the same heat load, a cooler with a reasonable process design can obtain a smaller heat exchange area and save investment. The irrational design of the process and the adoption of multi-process design not only increase the operating cost of the equipment, but also the non-intermediate flow of the hot and cold medium between the plates, thus affecting the heat dissipation effect, and it is easy to cause channel blockage and is not conducive to the operation of the whole machine.

2. The hot and cold flow cross sections are not equal. At present, many heat dissipation conditions are different between the hot and cold sides. Therefore, if this method is used, the heat flow rate between the two sides can be adjusted by adjusting the cross-sectional area of the flow on both sides of the cooler. Increasing the convective heat transfer coefficient on the side with a small amount of media processing, and then achieving the purpose of improving the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine. In this way, the resistance in the cooler is very low, and when the resistance is increased, it does not exceed the allowable resistance value of the system, so it is the most ideal solution for improving the heat transfer efficiency.

3. Add a bypass pipe between the inlet and outlet of the cooler. The system’s requirements for the resistance of the cooler are met by controlling the opening of the regulating valve and the amount of water entering the cooler, and mixing the water flowing through the bypass pipe with the water at the outlet of the cooler to achieve the required water supply temperature of the system. This method is only a mitigation measure for increasing the heat transfer area of the cooler when the side resistance of the large treatment amount is too large under the condition of the unequal temperature difference heat transfer.

The above is the three ways to improve the cooling effect of the cooler. The user should check the heat dissipation effect when the cooler is running. If the heat dissipation effect is not good, it is necessary to find out the cause in time, whether it is the cause of the cooler itself or because of improper operation. If it is the cause of the cooler, then it needs to be in accordance with the specific situation. Repair or replace.

Post time: Aug-20-2022