Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in Chemical Enterprises


Application of Plate Heat  Exchanger

Tube heat exchanger is used in the synthetic ammonia industry before, but because of the unique advantages of plate heat

exchanger, such as high heat exchange efficiency, small space, convenient maintenance, energy saving, low cost, now in the synthetic ammonia industry is more and more popular. Heat exchangers are mainly used in the following positions:


Application of Plate Heat Exchanger

1. Liquid copper water cooler and liquid copper ammonia cooler
The heat exchange effect of plate heat exchanger is much better than that of tube heat exchanger, so the cooling effect is also very good, which can save a lot of water, and the heat exchanger is small in size, which is very suitable for the working conditions with requirements for space.

2. Compressor oil cooler
Plate heat exchanger is also suitable for oil cooling, it is better than the tube heat exchanger cooling effect, and high safety, easy maintenance. General compressor will be equipped with a plate heat exchanger, used for heat exchange oil cooling, energy saving and safety.

3. Ammonia heat exchanger for ice machine
The traditional ammonia absorption refrigeration system has many equipment parts, large volume, very consumable materials, and low energy efficiency. The use of plate heat exchanger can simplify the system, improve energy efficiency, can save a lot of space and cost.

4. Lean water cooler and ammonia water cooler
According to its heat transfer effect and the degree of pressure, is the plate heat exchanger, it can design pressure of the pressure of 4.5 MPa, so the heat exchange efficiency is also due to other heat exchanger, and the material utilization rate is as high as 95%, what’s more, there will be other advantages, small volume, convenient maintenance, cheap, etc., more and more popular in the chemical fertilizer enterprises.

Post time: Aug-20-2022