Analysis of competition pattern of Chinau2019s automotive heat exchanger industry

With the intensification of competition, the domestic auto radiator product market also appeared differentiation. In the car market, because most of the imported models of joint venture manufacturers, the product design is finalized, the modular supply of professional design requirements are not high, mostly owned by the joint venture radiator manufacturers belonging to the automobile group; In the small-engine passenger car market, especially the minicar market, product model update faster, and the domestic independent design models of major proportion, thus to form a complete set with the radiator manufacturer the demand is higher, must have a modular availability and matching technology research and development ability, the domestic professional radiator manufacturer has a market advantage, occupied the most market share; With THE gradual increase of self-designed models of domestic cars, professional radiator manufacturers have entered this field, and will rely on their own technical advantages, continue to expand the market share in this field.

radiator for car modifaction

Post time: Aug-20-2022